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It is a place where you can record your mood...
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EMMO-日记 Description

It is a place where you can record your mood anytime and anywhere, whether happy or sad or sour or sweet, it is a small hole in the tree, listening to all your beauty and troubles. This is a small world for you, where you can express your emotions with homemade expressions. Emmo diary allows people to write diaries in a different way, using homemade expressions and words to travel in their own small world, come to Emmo diary to record the details of life.
Backup diary supports backup to avoid data loss.
Diary, facial expressions can be exported.
[Reminder] You can set a time reminder to remind yourself to keep a diary.
【 Font 】 The font is diversified. You can choose the font you like according to your hobbies.
【 Theme 】 Theme color can be changed at any time, according to their mood change.
When you keep a journal, you can insert a timeline to record your different moods during the day.
You can see your journey this month in your calendar.
[Polaroid Wall] Collect the photos in your diary to form a photo wall.
[Time search] support to input time search any day written diary.
Privacy can be unlocked with face ID/Touch ID password. All data is private.

Thank you for your support of Emmo-Diary!
If you have any questions or ideas, please send them to [email protected]

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