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Plan 9

Plan 9

Looking for a flexible way to estimate the relative complexity...
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Plan 9 Description

Looking for a flexible way to estimate the relative complexity of your development goals?

Scrum poker is a consensus-based technique for estimating, often used to estimate effort or relative complexity of tasks in software development. Team members produce estimates by choosing numbered cards, and then discuss the result. By having all group members choose without knowing the choices of the other members, possible bias in favour of the first number called is avoided. The set of numbers used may differ according to the circumstances.

Plan 9 offers a range of story point sequences for everyone's estimation gaming needs. Choose your own font and colour to express your creativity. No ads, frills or company logos. Put the fun back into those planning meetings!


- Choose from all fonts available on your device
- Intuitive colour wheel
- Select from various estimation ranges

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