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Koala Family

Koala Family

Koala the solution that accompanies you on the path to parental fulfillment
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Koala Family Description

There has never been so much information and advice on raising a child. How to find your way around? How to release this pressure towards more flexibility, suppleness and acceptance? Intuitive, easy to use, fun, Koala is a resource to support each parent towards further development. Koala offers 5 services adapted to each situation:

1-A scientific tool to take stock of your situation: from 8 questions, you can measure your level of fulfillment.

2-A free phone number to be supported by a professional.

3-A card to identify professionals trained in parenting near you and the means to contact them.

4-A space to exchange between parents.

5-Activities developed by experts to experience positive changes in their parenting life and develop according to your goals, your parental and family well-being, as well as the quality of the relationship you have with your children.

Our interventions are based on evidence on parenting and prevention, based on research and are scientifically validated by our experts. We consider that each parent must be able to be accompanied in the expression of a positive parenting, which respects best interests of the child and their rights and which takes into account the needs and resources of the parents.

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