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Keep Your Cool Toolbox

Keep Your Cool Toolbox

The Keep Your Cool Toolbox is all you need to help your child or teen find calm
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Keep Your Cool Toolbox Description

Need quick and easy ways to help your child or teen from ‘flipping their lid’? The Keep Your Cool Toolbox contains scientifically proven, tried and tested ways to help you and your children find calm.

What is it?
An interactive app that helps parents, foster carers, childminders, Early Years practitioners and teachers to access FREE, quick and effective ways to help children and teenagers to better manage their emotions.

Why use it?
To help you better understand what happens in a child’s or teen’s brain when they feel worried, anxious, stressed, angry, or overwhelmed and help them from ‘flipping their lid’.

How does it work?
This toolkit contains 12 scientifically proven ‘tried and tested’ ways to help children, teenagers - and you, find calm. Give it a go!

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