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HiPP Windel App

HiPP Windel App

Collect points for every HiPP diaper purchase and redeem them for attractive rewards.
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HiPP Windel App Description

Earn EXTRA SOFT WINDEL bonus points with every purchase of a HiPP Baby Aid and cash them into attractive rewards. You will surely find something for yourself or your little darling in the diverse premium catalog with non-cash and online bonuses. Exclusively only possible via the HiPP diaper app.
In addition, order your diaper needs per month via the innovative HiPP diaper service and secure your HiPP diapers at a special price.
Especially convenient: we remind you of the next order, which can be activated quickly & easily.
In addition, we give helpful tips in useful guides on the topics "changing diapers properly", "winding on the go", "umbilical care in babies," miracle butt in babies "and many more.
The announcement of the next winding place complete the HiPP diaper app.
The new diaper app at a glance:
*** HiPP Reward Program: Buy HiPP diapers, earn bonus points and secure attractive rewards.
*** HiPP diaper service: secure diaper needs at a bargain price and never forget a repeat order thanks to flexible memory.
*** Guide: Everything about diapers and diapers.
*** Changing places: Quick and easy to find the next changing place.
*** Shopping: Comfortable HiPP EXTRA SOFT diapers, selected HiPP baby care toiletries and exclusive HiPP accessories can be ordered and delivered to your home.
HiPP Babysanft was developed to minimize allergy risk to sensitive skin right from the start. Therefore, HiPP consistently dispenses with allergy-suspected and undesirable substances. Trust HiPP Babysanft because there is nothing in it that is not babysatt.
Benefit with the HiPP diaper app every time you buy the EXTRA SOFT WINDEL from HiPP Babysanft and collect diligently: Great rewards and offers are waiting for you! Further information can be found at www.windelapp.de.
Have fun with your HiPP Online Team!

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