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Crop Image - Rotate image and Flip image

Crop Image - Rotate image and Flip image

Crop photos and images easily, with custom aspect ratio. Flip and Rotate images.
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P Wingfield-Stratford
P Wingfield-Stratford
Simple to use intuitively. Quick and simple menus, has all you need to do straightforward image work. Issue is how to save changes choose where and exit app. No help here. Arkward to quit as it blocks android exit and you find you are stuck in ads. I had to use a file editor to track down my new image and save it where i wanted - not uploaded anywhere. Needs good save on all screens. Needs exit on all screens.
Posted 8 months ago
Errick G
Errick G
Does what it says... However, the app just simply stops cropping photos when you just want it to do so. At least after a certain amount of photos cropped, then it just doesn't crop anymore. 2 stars due to that bug of the app eventually being incapable of cropping any photos at all. If it's fixed, the rating will jump to 5 stars.
Posted 6 months ago
Samuel Lee
Samuel Lee
😡 No cropping into vertical segments of same width or calling or sharing from file manager without Pro. These are BASIC features that provide convenience NECESSARY even for testing to decide if app works well enough to MERIT purchase, not ADVANCED features. No using flle manager from app. No easy undo. No starting from last file or folder. All these make app extremely cumbersome & time consuming. If these can be done, way not obvious, so app user HOSTILE. Ban developers from Playstore! 😡
Posted 7 months ago
Pretty Unicorn
Pretty Unicorn
Simple app, there aren't many features. Focuses just on cropping. Personally, it does the job for me as it is an easy app to use
Posted 5 months ago

Crop Image - Rotate image and Flip image Description

Crop Images or photos.

Crop Image App, is an easy to use application for cropping your photos.
You can also rotate or flip images too.

Free scale cropping
You can enable or disable free scale cropping

Circular overlay
This feature dont crop photos in circular shape, but shows the overlay.

Aspect ratios
Crop images in different aspect ratios
Also crop in square shape
16:9 / 9:16
3:4 / 4:3

Custom Aspect Ratio

Share and delete cropped images from the app itself.

You can share the image direct from gallery.

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