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Scratch Photos

Scratch Photos

Remove the Background from a Photo Quickly and Easily
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Scratch Photos Description

Our automatic background remover is powered by advanced AI technology that can scan and remove backgrounds from even the toughest photos effectively. Darkly lit images can also be improved through our background remover tool’s auto adjust feature.

Perfect for social selling, our tool is built to help entrepreneurs sell their products through imagery. Whether you just want to create a product image to sell on Amazon, or change the background of an image to sell on social media, we’ve got you covered.

- Automatic photo background remover
- Choice of background options
- Cut/Erase background
- Auto adjust photo quality
- Add shadows for better photos
- Add plain pastel background
- Undo and redo edits for best results
- Save image to gallery
- Share image to social media
- Download images as PNG
- Adjust dark images to look more professional

How to Use Scratch Photos
1. Take a photo or choose one from your gallery
2. Scratch Photos automatically removes the background
3. Auto adjust photo quality
4. Download your image as a PNG
5. Share over social media

About Scratch Photos
Scratch Photos is a Shopify app aimed at helping social ecommerce entrepreneurs to quickly edit their images. Our background remover app is a must have tool on your ecommerce journey. Not only can you remove backgrounds but you can replace them with more desirable ones. Our other features make it possible for you to create beautiful images of your products.

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