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QR Code App - QR reader & QR code creator

QR Code App - QR reader & QR code creator

Barcode scanner, QR reader & QR code creator - All in one, Customize the QR code
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QR Code App - QR reader & QR code creator Description

QR Code App - QR reader & QR code creator: Read QR code, scan barcode, QR code creator including any text, URL, phone number, sms, contact, web site, e-mail or location

QR Code App is a high quality application. QR code reader is designed to decode (scan code) and encode (create QR) information

It is fast and quick. With your phone you can read the information behind the square barcode / QR code quickly in just seconds.

QR Code App is extra simple. Open the application -> Scan -> point the camera to QR code or barcode that you want to scan, QR code reader will automatically recognize any QR code.

After scanning the QR, you can access URL, Add contact, Send a message, Call the phone number, Find Coordinates, Search in Web & also Check Location through Google Map.

QR code app - QR code creator feature: you can create QR code and it will allow you to save or share the QR code you just created. Also you can customize the QR code color & background color.

The barcode scanner is also supported for your devices. Enjoy all the benefits and good features of scanning QR codes / barcodes everytime, everywhere.

Features of QR Code App
- Easily scan QR code and generate qr code
- Powerful QR decode speed
- QR code creator allow you to encrypt personal information, create codes for messages, e-mail, wifi, phone numbers, location and share with your friends...
- Generate QR code to a piece of text, a web link
- Create QR code for the message you want to send to your friends or relatives
- Generate code for the directions map where you will go and share it with everyone.
- Create QR from contacts or bookmarks for your friend to scan it on their device
- QR Code App does not need Internet connection to scan QR code/ barcode
- The QR code creator can save and share codes you just encrypted

QR code reader is widely used to decode QR/barcode such as ISBN, EAN, UPC, phone number, sms, matrix data and other codes
QR code reader is designed with the permission of the camera, storage (and other permissions if you want to use QR code generator: sms, contact, location...). This is the application that scans the code you need. It is safe and fully compatible with your devices.

This app is made simple (extra simple) also reliable, to give the users a valuable experience when working with QR codes.

Your reviews to improve any of the features are warmly welcomed.

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