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I wanna go home

I wanna go home

Take the bug home, jump on items, turn gadgets on and off, eat flies on the way!
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I wanna go home Description

Everyone: this is our buddy Vif the bug. He is a little shy, but not at all cowardly. He lives in a cozy house that he built for himself inside the owner's apartment. Every morning, Vif goes on a long and dangerous journey through a huge room to walk and get food. He often gets into trouble, and only you can get him out of it. Move the beetle around the playing field, jump and climb on objects, move them, turn on and off electrical appliances and watch how they interact. On the way, try to eat as many delicious flies as possible, they may be useful in the future. Unfortunately, not everyone likes bugs in the house. The owners throw slippers at him and try to crush him! Jump and dodge! In its journey, The Vif of constancy meets various objects. Some of them are special and keep their secrets, sometimes funny, sometimes dangerous! Despite everything, Vif is not discouraged and believes that everything is in his paws and your hands!!!

Free game
Puzzle game with elements of a platformer
Nice graphics
Cute character
Many options for passing the level
A variety of ways to use in-game items
Funny sounds
Only rewarded ads

In-game purchases:
Have the levels become too complex? It is possible to simplify them! You can "disable" the Slippers, and this danger will no longer hinder you.
Run out of ideas on how to pass the level? We have drawn hints that will lead you to the house.

Have a nice trip! And remember, Vif really wants to go home!

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