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Maze Anatomy

Maze Anatomy

Help little characters solve the mazes and reach their goal!
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Maze Anatomy Description

Welcome to Maze Anatomy!

A maze solving game based on human anatomy.
The mazes are the shapes of human organs such as brain, heart, lungs and intestines!
Each organ has its own little character who you are going to be helping to reach the finish.
In addition to the normal gameplay, there are two challenges with leaderboards!

The maze puzzles come in 4 difficulty levels from easy to impossible.
☆ Easy contain one floor of maze, where you will be able to see visited tiles.
☆ Medium will only display the current tile you're on, so you'll have to try to
    remember what tiles you've visited and where they lead.
☆ Hard levels are easy levels with a second floor.
☆ Impossible levels are upgraded medium levels with a second floor.

Completing the maze with the smallest amount of steps will reward you top score. Collecting enough score will open up the next level difficulty.
Can you complete all the levels with a perfect score?

Once you're done - give Time and Steps Challenges a try! Both challenges
make use of Google Play Leaderboards - so make sure you sign in on the main
menu in order to have your score submitted to the Leaderboards!

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