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Bitcoin Mining Trading Game

Bitcoin Mining Trading Game

Enter the world of addictive Bitcoin Mining Trading Game!
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Bitcoin Mining Trading Game Description

While the real cryptocurrency and blockchain world is a serious thing, get some fun here with Bitcoin Mining Trading Game which is an highly addictive style match game! Indulge in a virtual bitcoin mining and bitcoin trading which is a great mind simulator that comes in dazzling combinations of bitcoins and other popular cryptocoins such as Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash and Zcash to make the game even more interesting and with the intention of mind stimulation and gives an imagination to “add” bitcoins into your virtual Bitcoin wallet.

Features of Bitcoin Mining Trading Game include:
- This is a revamp of our previous Bitcoin Mining Billionaire game which comes with 2 set of challenges i.e. Mining and Trading.
- Easy to play but comes with challenge of matching the same picture
- Time limit to test your brain & focus skill and speed
- Scoreboard to showcase how good you are. Involve your friends or family members to play and see who scores the highest!
- Suitable for all ages
- No in-app purchase
- Free to play

How do you play Bitcoin Mining Trading Game :
1. There are 2 scenarios for you to play i.e. Mining and Trading
2. You have to match a minimum 3 of the same Bitcoins or any other cryptocoins in a time constraint environment. The other cryptocoins are Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoins, Dash and Zcash.
3. You don’t have to know which is Ethereum, Ripple, etc. Just look at the same symbol or color scheme to match.
4. In each scenario, there are 3 different sets of challenges where you can interchange while indulging in your virtual bitcoin mining and a great way as a brain simulator. Simply hit the “Change Bitcoins” button on your left.
5. Collect the points on your path. See your scores increase actively and passively with bonus points as though this is your Bitcoin wallet when you “mine” or “trade” intelligently

Whether you are into Bitcoin or not, Bitcoin Mining Trading Game game is definitely for you to have fun and for some mind simulations. Even children can play this highly addictive game! This is also a fun way to imagine seeing your virtual Bitcoin wallet as you collect points.

Bitcoin Mining Trading Game is completely free to play and scam free as it is purely for entertainment and mind simulation.

Enjoy this bitcoin mining addictive match 3 gaming simulator and get an entertaining experience. Feel free to drop any good review and share this entertaining game with your friends!

Welcome all on aboard and a huge thanks for playing Bitcoin Mining Trading Game.

Feature image designed by starline
Music courtesy from https.www.bensound.com

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