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Trade Seaport Island

Trade Seaport Island

Your adventure in an untouched Island is about to begin. Are you ready?
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Trade Seaport Island Description

A long sail lead to a discovery of an isolated and untouched island. What would you do if you encounter such island? Go explore the island and see what you can do. Let your imagination go wild with a creation of seaport that – allows people to explore the resources, collect the best resources & trade product and services, making this island come alive. Presenting… Trade Seaport Island game that gives a refreshing twist of the addictive and all-time favorite puzzle game.

Features of Trade Seaport Island include:
- Click on “Explore” play button and you will discover the island resources where you can “collect”
- Click on “Trade” play button and you can “trade” the items produced from the island. With a seaport built in this island - after the explore adventure, people can collect the resources that benefits them turn them into product & services & trade them
- Easy to play but comes with challenge of matching the same picture
- Time limit to test your brain & focus skill and speed
- Scoreboard to showcase how good you are. Involve your friends or family members to play and see who scores the highest!
- Suitable for all ages
- No in-app purchase
- Free to play

How to Play Trade Seaport Island?
1. 2 scenarios for you to play i.e. Explore and Trade
2. You have to match/switch minimum 3 of the same picture in a time limit setting.
3. Score as you match minimum 3 of the same picture.
4. Bonus points will be rewarded and this will come as free points without doing anything as long as you play it strategically.

Anyone one can play Trade Seaport Island game, regardless of age and gender. It is purely for a good mind simulation and entertainment. Feel free to drop any comment and share this entertaining game with your friends!

Download Trade Seaport Island NOW and get into this inquisitive yet delightful island adventure!

Music courtesy from www.purple-planet.com

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