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Deal in Imitation Jewelry, Garments, Home Bakery & Toys.
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All your needs at your door step.

We deal with Imitation jewelry and garments as per our traditional, culture as well as modern look wise. We always make sure about our bakery product must be hygienic, healthy, wealthy and good quality. Our all bakery product are made at home only.We provide all kind of toys from the age 0-15 year.

Imitation jewelry– We deal with Imitation jewelry (it includes Gold, Gold plated, Silver, silver plated, Oxidized, plated diamond, imitation diamond, imitation peals, handmade) as per traditional, festival, cultural, western style, modern style with day-to-day updates. We have maagtika, jhumka, earring, top, nath, hair accessory, thoshi, short necklace, long necklace, all types of mangalsutra, bhajuband, kambarpatta, bangles, ring, kata, payal, toe ring for women top to bottom all kind of jewelry.
There are some Instructions for jewelry usage
1. Always wear jewelry after makeup.
2. Do not let it comes contact with cosmetics like perfumes, deodorant, hair spray, nail-polish remover lotion oil and sweat.
3. Clean with soft cloth and spray water mildly if required.
4. Protect by storing it completely dry (from sweat), safely and separately in polythene pouch/box not in jewelry velvet boxes.

Garment– We are providing garments as per description. We provide ready-made garments as well as material. We deal with
Sarees, Suits, Kurtis, Jeans, Tops, T-Shirt, Shorts, Shirt, One Piece, Frocks, Anarkalis, Long Kurtis, Short Kurtis, Lehengas, Gowns, Dupattas, – all type of material like cotton, khadi cotton, cotton silk, silk, linen, Georgette, printed, embroidered, solid, chikankari, rayon, crepe, layered, a-line, heavy work, festival wears, pattern, designs, modern look, traditional look, regular, party wear,day-today updated and in all size(S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, PLUS SIZE).

Home baker – We are providing all type and quantity of cakes as per requirement. We always make sure about our bakery product must be hygienic, healthy, wealthy and also in good quality.We bake all types of cakes like Luscious cake - Swiss chocolate cake, Oreo chocolate cake, coffee cake, black and white forest cake, Kulfi cake, Pan cake, Gems cake, Rawa cake, Mawa Cake, honey cake,Doll cakes, Print cakes, Dryand Travel cakes, Fondant cake Fruit cakes (as per availability or reason vise), on demand Panipuri Cake and our specialty Rasmalai cake. We take minimum 1/2 kg cake order, availability as per location vise. We bake

Toys - we provide all kind of toys for the age of 0-15 years (it includes sports, Construction toys, creative toys, dolls, education toys, electronic toys, food related toys, games, model building, physical activity and dexterity, puzzle/ assembly, science and optical, sound toys, spinning toys, cars and radio control toys, animals toys, action figures, educational toys, electronic toys).

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