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The Pattern

The most accurate and personalized insight into yourself and others.
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The Pattern Description

The Pattern is a social network that helps you better understand yourself and connect with others on a deeper level.

-Explore Your Pattern to gain insight about various sides of your personality. Your Timing offers an overview of what you're going through at this moment in time. These cycles are personal to only you. Understanding these dynamics can help you to navigate the difficult times and take advantage of the positive opportunities that you might otherwise miss.

-Add your friends on The Pattern to learn more about their personalities, timing, and common patterns you share.

-Did you know you can also create custom profiles for people not currently on the app?

-Gain valuable insight on your Romantic Patterns, highlighting your strongest connections, and biggest challenges. Explore your Romantic Timing to reveal forces that may affect the relationship.

-Choose your depth: View a quick summary or find in-depth details about yourself, friends, and relationships.

-Visit the Feed for daily reminders about you, your friends and romantic partners.

How It Works: Simply create an account by entering your name, birthdate, time, and location of birth. Once you confirm your mobile number, our unique methodology will create a profile with information about Your Pattern and Timing.

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