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Shiratori Umana using a database of 180,000 heads!
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競馬しりとりゲーム!【育成しない暇つぶし競馬ゲーム】 Screenshots

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競馬しりとりゲーム!【育成しない暇つぶし競馬ゲーム】 Description

[Game introduction]
If you are a horse racing fan (probably!), This is the world ’s first app that you can play “Shiritori Hana” that you ’ve done once.
There are 180,000 race horses that can ridicule from rare horses to unnamed unvictorious horses!
Show off your horse racing knowledge and aim to become a master! ! ! ! ! !
(Even if it is done with a lot of shit, it's a thing so kill time)

・ Shirito horse name Shiritori
・ Approximately 180,000 heads can be used using a database that covers almost all racehorses that have run in central horse races.
・ Because not only the horse name but also the results are displayed, you can enjoy the feeling of “Oh, that horse was ...”
・ Immediately refer to detailed competition data of horses I was interested in in cooperation with netkeiba
-Equipped with battle mode that allows you to play against multiple enemies with different knowledge levels and VS mode that allows you to play against people
・ In addition to the usual shiritori, you can play “Prize Rules” that you can play with the total prize money of the shiritori horse.
・ Easy to beginners with hint function
・ Implementation of “spot” rules such as only heavy prize horses and G1 horses
-Appearance characters are cute. cute. cute.

▼ Basic rules
・ Lose if you use a horse with "n" at the end
・ Lose if you use a horse name that doesn't exist
・ Lose if you use the same horse name twice
・ If the last character is “-(long sound)”, continue with the immediately preceding character
(Ex. Tap Dance City → Next is “Chi”)
・ If the last character is “t”, “a”, “u”, “yo”, continue with a clear sound (upper case)
(Ex. Aisin Flash → Continue from “Yu” next)
・ If the last character is “ji”, “ヅ”, “wo”, keep “ji”, “z”, “o” respectively.
(Ex. Zennosano-no → Continue from "O" next)

▼ Shiritori mode
・ Battle alone
∙ Mode to play against the computer.
・ Fight together
This is a mode where two people play an interpersonal battle. There is no advanced function of online play (anyway depopulation!)

▼ Shiritori with a nostalgic racehorse or a favorite racehorse!
Not only the name of the horse, but also the prize money, racehorse data such as the winning race, etc. are displayed, so the memory at that time will surely be revived with that racehorse.
There is also a link to netkeiba in the app, so check the horse you are interested in immediately!

▼ If you get tired of the normal ladle, you will get a prize rule!
・ Normal rules
So-called ordinary shiritori.
・ Prize rules
If a certain condition is met, the “Prize Rules” will be released, where you can win with the sum of the winnings of the horses.
Surprisingly, strategy is required whether to use a horse with a high prize money, or to use a horse that is difficult for the opponent to fight next!

▼ “Hint” if you can't think of it!
Use hints if you have little experience in horse racing or if you can't think of it!
If you use "Hint", the horse's battle record and the last character will be displayed.
If you use "Super Hint", a part of the horse name will be displayed.
▼ 3 types of fighting characters with different knowledge ... + α?
Only one type of opponent can be selected at the beginning, but more knowledgeable characters are released by winning.
A knowledgeable opponent may not be able to defeat just by rubbing them normally ...?

▼ Shiritori classic! Implemented “spot” rules!
Let's play with the “Shibari” rule when you get tired of everything!
You can play with the shiritori of “no squeeze”, “heavy horse only (not including listed)” and “G1 horse only”. (Normal Shiritori only)

+++ [Notes] +++
・ Overseas horses and local horses may or may not be used. If you have experience running in Central Horse Racing such as JC, it is highly possible to use it, but you cannot basically use famous overseas stallions that have no experience in Central Horse Racing. Since it is a database specification, there is no help for it. (Ex. Mr. Prospector, Northern Dancer, Wind In Her Hair etc. cannot be used)
・ The racehorse before the 1980s may not be used or the data may be incorrect. Specifically, the winning prize is often set at 0. Although it is fatal when used in prize rules, it is a database specification (omitted)
・ Winnings won in overseas horse racing are not reflected. Although it is fatal if caught by the prize rules, it is a database specification (omitted
・ Enter shiritori in double-byte kana. Half-width kana input is not supported. Kanji horse names such as “star flag” are not supported.
-Data may not be acquired due to unforeseen circumstances such as server errors or concentration of access. We will try to recover as quickly as possible, but it may take some time to recover because it is an app run by an individual. I would appreciate it if you could forgive me.
・ The horse with the same name will give priority to the horse with the highest prize. Cannot be used twice as a separate horse.

+++ [Disclaimer] +++
-Regarding the data used in this application, we will try to provide new and accurate data as much as possible, but we do not guarantee the latestness, accuracy, usefulness, etc.
・ In addition, even if some damage occurs to the user etc. by using this application, the developer is not responsible for such damage.
・ Please note that the application may be changed, revised, updated, suspended, or terminated without prior notice.

+++ 【Credit】 +++
This app uses the following rights holder materials (in no particular order)

·An illustration
Yoyoyo TopeconHeroes

Ku-Ku Inazuka Haru


・ SE
OtoLogic Sound Effects Lab Komori Taira Sound Effects Dictionary Pocket Sound
Free sound effect material jellyfish craftsman Lagunac (Uo)

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