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Stealth Cam COMMAND

Stealth Cam COMMAND

COMMAND controls the Stealth Cam and Muddy Cellular Trail Cameras
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Stealth Cam COMMAND Description

Designed to work with the all new Stealth Cam - Fusion & Trail-Tek Cellular Cameras, as well as Muddy Manifest Cellular Cameras, the COMMAND app delivers complete access and control of your trail camera to your mobile device.

Dive into the next generation of trail camera technology with the all new Stealth Cam Command App. The successor to the Stealth Cam Remote App, Command provides an immersive experience into your cellular camera. View and share your Photos remotely from any app enabled mobile device or on the web. The Command App offers complete control and customization of your camera and cellular settings allowing you to change photo resolutions, transmission times, etc. from your fingertips. Manage your cellular plans from the app with plan upgrades and add-ons available. Track your camera activity easily with the Photo Tracker allowing you insight on days and times of frequent activity.

• Access photos remotely
• Manage all your cameras with a single secure login
• Complete control of all camera settings remotely
• Monitor internal & auxiliary battery levels, cell signal, & memory card capacity remotely
• Set transmission times: Instant, Hourly, Twice or Once a day
• Pin camera locations using Google Maps
• Photo Tracker – shows the activity of your cameras
• Receive push notifications for new photos
• Manage camera plans
• Format your camera's memory card
• Share images via Text, Email, & Social Media

Welcome to the connected world of Stealth Cam Command.

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