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Calculadora de Finiquitos

Calculadora de Finiquitos

Calculate the amount to be paid to a worker at the time of his resignation or dismissal.
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Calculadora de Finiquitos Description

At the time of a dismissal or resignation is important to have on hand the amounts to be paid to the worker to end the working relationship in the best way. Therefore it is essential to calculate the settlement.

With this app you can calculate the settlement of a worker in a very easy and simple way, you only need to know some general information and the app will do the rest.

• Does not require internet.
• Copy the calculation summary.

Calculations performed
• Proportional of Aguinaldo
• Holiday Proportional
• Proportional of Vacation Premium
• Seniority premium
• Compensation (3 months)
• Compensation (20 days per year)
• Calculation of Income Tax for Non-accumulative Income (Seniority premium and Compensation)
• Calculation of ISR

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