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ReadyCash - secure, easy and fast personal loans.

ReadyCash - secure, easy and fast personal loans.

ReadyCash provides you with secure, easy and fast personal loans.
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ReadyCash - secure, easy and fast personal loans. Screenshots

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ReadyCash - secure, easy and fast personal loans. Description

ReadyCash is a simple and convenient loan app that can provide users with a loan amount of 3,000 rupees to 10,000 rupees. According to the user's credit, the loan period can be 61-365 days.
In terms of fast and convenient personal loans, we aim to become the first choice for young professionals. ReadyCash is an instant personal loan platform for self-employed paid professionals under the age of 18, based on big data analysis, full online audits, automated loans, and real Fast loan.

What are the costs?
Loan amount: 3000 rupees-10000 rupees
Loan period: 61-365 days
Interest rate: 15%-36%
GST: 18%
Handling fee: 2%-20% of the loan principal
For example: apply for a loan of 5,000 rupees and a 90-day term. After evaluation, you can enjoy a loan interest rate of 36% and a very low handling fee of 2%. GST 15 rupee fee), due for repayment due to 5558 rupees.

Who can use ReadyCash:
1. Residents with Indian status
2. At least 18 years old
3. Have a long-term stable residence
4. Residents with work and income

The materials needed to use ReadyCash:
1. An Android phone
2. ID
3. Make sure I operate

Reasons to use ReadyCash:
1. You can apply for a loan anytime, anywhere
2, 24 hours audit
3. Fastest 2 hours of funds to account
4. Simple and convenient, it can be realized only through mobile phone operation

Steps to use ReadyCash:
1. Download and install ReadyCash in the Goggle Play store
2. Register an account by mobile phone number
3. Fill in personal information for certification according to the guidelines
4. After the certification is passed, select the loan project
5. Waiting for review, the results of the review will be notified to you via SMS
6. After receiving the approval message, sign the notice of loan agreement
7. After the loan notice is successfully signed, wait for the funds to be completed immediately

Safety instructions:
All data of ReadyCash is safe and protected by 256-bit SSL encryption technology. No one can steal it. We have enough ability to guarantee your safety and resist any data risks. We guarantee that your information will not be shared with anyone else, and data information will not be shared.

If you have any questions during use, please feel free to contact us
Email: [email protected]
Working hours: working days 9:30-18:00
Address: E-148, Basement, Greater Kailash-1,NEW DELHI, South Delhi,Delhi

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