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Strive to create the best "AI first experience" for you
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小爱音箱 Description

Xiaomi AI speaker official application, designed to help users understand and use this artificial intelligence hardware product mobile phone client, the first time online, bringing a comprehensive ability, we strive to create the best "AI first experience" for you.

The main function:
1, initialization settings: help you quickly and easily configure the network for Xiaomi AI speakers, fill in the personal information needed in use, let AI know you better
2, music radio: integrated browsing, search, channel management in one integrated music service, in short, the music player related capabilities, here are everything
3, smart home: present the intelligent hardware equipment that you can control Xiaomi, teach you "a word to play smart home control"
4, Skill Center: Help you discover dozens of capabilities that Little Love has integrated, you want, we will give. The ability of small love is still in the stage of rapid expansion, and it’s okay to take a look.
5, personal center: account management, personal information management, speaker management, simple and clear, efficient and convenient

Special recommendation:
* Channel: Add channels belonging to him for different family members, press the speaker ch button to switch channels, you can also voice on-demand, such as "playing your wife's channel"
*AI training plan: This function is invincible, and you can do everything yourself, you want to let all the functions and joint control of the small love, you can do it here.

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