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Scanopy - Share & Transfer Files Via Web Browser

Scanopy - Share & Transfer Files Via Web Browser

Cross Platform File Transfer Service Supporting Jio Phone At http://scanopy.site
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Scanopy - Share & Transfer Files Via Web Browser Description

What Is Scanopy?
File Transfer Service From Android To Any Browser Enabled Device Including Jio Phone At http://scanopy.site

How Does Scanopy Work?
1. Open App And Press "Send". This Will Open Up Camera To Scan QR Code.
2. Open App On Another Device And Press "Receive". This Will Display A QR Code To Be Scanned.
3. Open http://scanopy.site
4. Scan The QR Code
5. When Connected, Press The Upload Button To Transfer Files

How To Transfer Files From/To Jio Phone With Scanopy?
1. Open http://scanopy.site in Jio Phone Browser
2. Scan The QR Code From Android App.
3. Start Transfer Files.

Any Advantage Of Using Scanopy?
Scanopy Detects Network Conditions On Devices Automatically. Which Means You Don't Have To Create Any Hot-Spot Or Change Network Settings. If Both The Devices Are On Local Network, Scanopy Transfers Directly From One To Another. If Devices Are On Different Network, Scanopy Transfers Through Server.

Is Scanopy Secured?
When Devices Are On Local Network (LAN - Wired Or WiFi) Files Are Transferred Directly From One Device To Another Device. Internet Is Required Only To Detect Ip Addresses Of The Two Devices To Establish Connection. If Devices Are On Different Network Files Are Transferred Through Server. Though We Don't Store Any File On Server, We Recommend Users To Transfer Files On LAN (Wired Or WiFi) For Optimal Speed And Security.

How Fast Is Scanopy?
Depending On Network Conditions Scanopy Is Pretty Fast. If The Devices Are On LAN, File Transfer Takes Less Time.

Scanopy Uses Internet Data Only When Devices Are Not On LAN.

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