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Ahmedabad Metro Rail

Ahmedabad Metro Rail

First ever app designed to use Metro Rail service in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.
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Ahmedabad Metro Rail Description

First ever app designed to make easy usage of Metro Rail services in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar cities.


1) Route Information:

This will give you full map including all the routes and stations, which are planned in Ahmedabad Metro rail service in various phases.

2) Route Between Stations: 

By selecting the starting and destination stations, App will display Fares, Distance, Approximate Travel time, Stations in between with change over or interconnect station and the route map.
Nearest start station can be also searched using GPS for quick search.

3) Nearest metro station:

This screen will display all nearest metro stations order by distance from your current location using GPS location service.
Furthermore, it has smart feature to locate the nearest station even if you are far from the city (Up to 100 km)

4) Station Information: 

Here you can find list of all available metro stations.
By selecting a station, you will get various useful information about the station like Starting and End points of the station, Line type, Station type, Corridor, Distance to that station from your current location, Platforms, Gates and directions, contact numbers, Tourist spots near that station, parking and feeder services etc.

5) Attraction:

Here you can find all major attractions of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar cities such as Historic buildings, Educational institutes, Hospitals, Hotels and restaurants, Museums, Religious places etc.

Once you tap on specific attraction, you can get full details of that place and how you can reach to that place using Metro rail.

6) Project Status:

This is a gallery where you can see photos of Metro project status. If you have photos related to Metro project status, which you want us to display in the gallery then you can request us and it will be available to all App users.

7) News:

We try to keep this section updated with all latest news and events going for Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar Metro Rail services. 

8) Other Info:

This will open official Metro Rail website in the App, through which you can easily access other services offered.

9) Local language support:


NOTE: The information provided in the app is retrieved from reference sources and we are not responsible for any errors it may contain. 

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