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Not yet launched! Official app to obtain CLEAR Pass from Karnataka Police
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KSP CLEAR Pass Description

Official app to obtain CLEAR Pass from Karnataka Police during lockdown

In the view of a 21-day nationwide lockdown, individuals will be allowed out only to seek Emergency services.

1. Request access to go out by entering your personal details and the purpose of visit.
2. Substantiate your reason(s) for travel by providing supporting documents
3. Based on your area/locality, the jurisdiction police station personnel would assign you a request ID number (Displayed on the pass/SMS triggered to registered mobile)
4. You should submit your original Govt ID at your jurisdiction police station along with your request ID to obtain an Emergency Pass.
5. Pass can be accessed on the app

- Emergency Pass will only be valid for 12 hours as stipulated by the Karnataka State Police
- If you are going out to work, please request your employer to obtain passes for you at https://mygate.com/blog/ksp-clearpass-companies/
- Available Cities: Currently, the pass will be valid only in Bengaluru City jurisdiction.

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