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ML MediaPlayer

ML MediaPlayer

Can play 4K/HD movies of USB devices such as video camera and USB memory.
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ML MediaPlayer Description

Connect the USB device to the Android terminal with the USB OTG cable, and the 4K/HD movie inside the USB device can be played immediately as it is.

USB device: Video camera/USB memory,hard disk etc.

Movie saved in internal storage/USB storage etc can be played.

MLUSB mounter is necessary when using this application.


4K movie file compatible
- supports playback of XAVC S movie of SONY 4K handy cam.
- supports playback of 4K movie of Panasonic 4K video camera.

Supports USB device
- MLFS supports various file systems: NTFS,exFAT,FAT32,FAT16,UDF,ISO9660
- Processing is tuned for playback.
In the case of 4K movies etc. with high bit rate and dropped frames, this application may be able to play smoothly.
- There are two playback modes.
Virtual Web server mode(default): Reads movie data via the virtual web server started by the MLUSB Mounter.
MLFS direct mode: remounted with MLFS in ML Media Player, and read movie data directly from USB device.
Please try MLFS direct mode when dropping frames in Virtual Web server mode.
(It can be set from the "setting" button displayed at the upper left of the screen during movie playback)

"MLFS": Original technology to directly control USB devices and mount various file systems.
For details, please see the MLUSB Mounter Google Play Store's information.

Continuous Playback
- Multiple movie files can be played back continuously.
- Multiple movies on the USB device can also be played continuously.
- The playback order can be specified with the MLUSB Mounter.
(Specified by sorting the file list display such as "Name(A to Z)","Date" order, etc.)

Simple UI/No ad display
- Specify the file to be played from the MLUSB Mounter. It is easy to specify with a simple UI.
- MLUSB mounter, ML media player, will not display advertisements.

How to use
Please select "ML media player" in "App selection" displayed when selecting the target file (extension MP4/MTS etc.) with the MLUSB mounter.
(Please boot from the Ver.1.48 or later MLUSB Mounter.)

Corresponding video file
- 4K/HD movie XAVC S file shot with SONY 4K handy cam(extension MP4)
- 4K/HD movie file shot with Panasonic 4K video camera(extension MP4)
- MP4 file(extension MP4)
- ACVHD file(extension MTS)
- Other, supports various video formats

About 4K video playback environment
The following environment is recommended for playback of 4K movie file.
- Smartphone chipset Snapdragon 820,835

4K movie (XAVC S 100 Mbps) playback operation confirmation model from USB storage
Google Nexus 9 / Android 7.0
Google Nexus 6 / Android 6.0.1
Google Nexus 6P / Android 8.0.0
Google Nexus 5X / Android 7.1.2 *1
docomo SONY SO-02H(Xperia Z5 Compact) / Android 7.0
docomo SONY SO-04J(Xperia XZ Premium) / Android 8.0.0
docomo SONY SO-01K(Xperia XZ1) / Android 8.0.0
au Samsung SCL23(Galaxy S5) / Android 6.0.1
docomo Samsung SC-04G(Galaxy S6 edge) / Android 7.0
docomo Samsung SC-02H(Galaxy S7 edge) / Android 7.0
docomo Samsung SC-03J(Galaxy S8+) / Android 7.0
docomo Samsung SC-01K(Galaxy Note8) / Android 7.1.1
au HTC HTV33(HTC U11) / Android 7.1.1
HUAWEI P10 lite / Android 7.0
HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro / Android 8.0.0
Motorola Moto G5s Plus / Android 7.1.1
Fujitsu F-01K(arrows NX) / Android 7.1.1

*1 Please try MLFS direct mode if playback is interrupted or sound skipping occurs.

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